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Jason McDonald is at the frontier of synthesising and anchoring energy, aesthetics, inspiration and the way in which spirit moves through art as a resource for growth and evolution. He is a spiritual artist, energetic therapist & intuitive, lifelong professional creative, meditation teacher & spiritual mentor. 


His journey of creativity & consciousness synthesises a 20+ year career in Graphic Design and Creative Direction with comprehensive studies of the energetic field, that he now embodies as an energetic therapist for clients around the globe. He is also deeply informed by 18 years of meditative practices and consciousness exploration. 

"It is difficult to articulate what it is i do, or how i do it. Essentially, from a place of stillness, as I drop ever deeper into the silent source of the heart, a channel of joy, delight and creativity opens up, and an expression of something vast and wonderous, effortlessly moves through me. It’s not me, or mine.

Stillness is the doorway for invisible intelligences to share their radiant wisdoms and truth and the artistic expression is a means of conveying this."

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