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Jason McDonald is at the frontier of synthesising and anchoring energy, aesthetics, inspiration and the way in which spirit moves through art as a resource for growth and evolution. He is a spiritual artist, energetic therapist & intuitive, lifelong professional creative, meditation teacher & spiritual mentor. 


His journey of creativity & consciousness synthesises a 20+ year career in Graphic Design and Creative Direction with comprehensive studies of the energetic field, that he now embodies as an energetic therapist for clients around the globe. He is also deeply informed by 18 years of meditative practices and consciousness exploration. 

"The energy of Jason’s art can be experienced immediately. It is positive and illuminative visual poetry that resonates with inspiration, for the eyes of wisdom to open, leading the observer back into the great void of creativity, from which all life springs. The vibrancy, colour and ‘formless seeking to express in form’ nature of this work opens you to a divine sense of purity and how that moves through you. "

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

A note from the artist:

Energetic art helps people connect to higher fields of consciousness. The work has been created to vibrate with positive and affirming energies, broadcasting frequencies into the environment, acting as a portal to assist your connection to inspiration, imagination and illumination.

It is my hope the art ignites the lamp of innate goodness we all carry into this world. That in this remembrance, people find their own stillness, allowing for lucid and pure insight to arise and be offered to their imagination. That they may be open to their own sense of the divine, within and in all things.


See below, an example of the programmatical energetic consciousness maps the artist layers into pieces

Field Diagram3.jpg
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