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Some prints are available as limited editions.

All prints come with guided meditations for activation and instructions on how to attune and consciously engage with the artwork for your specific needs.

Printed with superior, archival quality, pigment based inks that provide incredible colour vibrancy on high quality fine art paper. Some pieces can also be produced as a Metallic printed, framed Canvas.


Personalised 'signature' frequency of art, created and specifically attuned to you.

Please note, there is currently a 6 month wait time.

Pieces are created to last and serve a whole lifetime.

Signature pieces include numerous channeled symbols and and a highly unique waveform or 'energetic map' that i teach you how to access in ceremonial space.


• Stunning, large, one off, museum quality, framed energetic art piece
• Certificate of Authenticity with artist seal & signature

• Waveform or energetic 'map' with usage guidance

• Minimum 8 channeled symbols (codes)
• Symbols printed as your own ‘oracle cards’

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